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Virginia residential sales contract 2023 Form: What You Should Know

Virginia Real Estate Disclosure Forms. (PDF Download/1.0 MB) A Real Estate Disclosures form is used if, after careful review in this form, you are concerned about the sale of your real estate. A disclosure form is required by Virginia law. The realtor's sale of the personal property of a buyer is prohibited. (see VARS 13A.04.050 and 13 N.03.050 for more information on sales of personal property by Realtors). Please note that a non-profit nonprofit organization will hold a closed-door meeting with the Realtor and the potential buyer to determine the best terms for any potential sales of personal property. Read The Law: Real Estate Disclosures (PDF Download/1.6 MB) Important Information for Realtors Sellers — Form 1: Selling Homeowners/Purchasers — Form 2: Purchase & Leasing — Form 3B NEW! Virginia Mortgage Disclosure Form. (PDF Download/1.5 MB) Purchase & Purchase Forms: Sales Agents — Form 5B (VAR 14A.01.150) Sales Agents — Form 5B (VAR 14A.01.250) If you do not wish to disclose the value and condition of your home, you may use the following form. The form is for home buyers and sellers only. The buyer agrees on the price for the home based on the value and condition of the home, and includes written explanations of how the home value changes from year to year. Virginia REALTORS Property Disclosures (PDF Download/1.6 MB) (PDF Download/1.2 MB) Please be sure you can legally disclose the condition of your home and the value of your home based on your state of residence. You should do this in conjunction with your home seller disclosure forms. PURCHASES FOR PURCHASERS TO PAY OFF THEIR HOME, FUTURE HOME BUYERS Selling Homeowners/Purchasers — Form 1: Selling Homeowners/Purchasers — Form 2: Purchase & Leasing — Form 3A NEW! Virginia Property Disclosures. (PDF Download/1.4 MB) (PDF Download/1.

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Instructions and Help about Virginia residential sales contract 2023

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