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How to complete any VA Contract for the Sale & Purchase of Real Estate online:

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  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Real estate purchase agreement addendum

Instructions and Help about Real estate purchase agreement addendum

Hello this is Tim Brooks with the Brooks group and the ultimate selling team at Keller Williams Realty and I wanted to welcome you back for our training on the Maryland purchase contract addenda this is gonna be an interesting training session and we're gonna cover what paperwork actually goes with the core contract that's submitted by the buyer that is not provided by the seller with the initial disclosure packet that's usually published online with the property listing so what we're gonna cover in today's session is gonna be all of the different addenda that can be part of the contract that the buyer is gonna prbut not what's actually provided by a best seller in their package so those five things can be either the financing addendum inspection addendum first-time homebuyer addendum seller contribution addendum and then finally the addendum of clauses now the addendum of clauses actually encompasses all of those other things into just one simple addendum that's why I like to use it rather than having say four or five different addenda this one actually puts all of those together in one document except for the first-time homebuyer or addendum also remember you can go to paragraph 17 of the core contract and if you're not sure what all needs to be included you can kind of go down that checklist there and see what applies to your specific situation and then you'll know what to include and what not to include now the first addenda we're gonna go over are the financing now that's conventional FHA and VA conventional financing usually requires higher down payment but it's going to be the best rate and terms and the cheapest type of money to borrow usually it includes no mortgage insurance also FHA requires only two and a half percent down but there's going to be a mortgage insurance premium there but that's a very good option for first-time homebuyers also then there's VA financing which is no money down it's an excellent source of funding for veteran so let's start with conventional financing the conventional financing addendum we're gonna start at paragraph a and they're numbered by letters specified financing now there's only a couple things that you actually have to fill out in the conventional financing addendum and this is it right here so first deed of trust that means it's going to be a first mortgage you'll see there's also second deed of trust - so there was a time when it was popular to do a first and second mortgage combined for the purpose of avoiding mortgage insurance you don't really see a lot of second second mortgages in purchase transactions these days so under where it's his first deed of trust buyer will obtain or will assume a first deed of trust now it's rare to assume but it is possible so check one of those usually it's going to be obtained and let's say the lender issued a.

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